Pond Bacteria Treatment

  1. Pond Bacteria Treatment

    Pond Bacteria Treatment
    Beneficial Pond Bacteria Treatment   Smith Creek Fish Farm encourage, as part of a good lake and pond management plan, the use of natural biological augmentation for pond bacteria. curly leaf pond bacteriaTime is the enemy of your aquatic ecosystem. The breakdown of organic matter contributes to the buildup of bottom muck and sludge. Composted muck is the product of...
  2. How To Get Rid Of Geese

    How To Get Rid Of Geese
    How to Use Pond Habitat Modification to Control Canada Geese Canada or Canadian Geese (Branta canadensis) are recognized as a seasonal reminder that the seasons are changing. In and around rural areas, the Canada Goose has become a reminder that you need to watch where you step! Due to their exceptional adaptability to human-modified environments and their bold attitude, the...
  3. Preventing Common Pond Problems

    Preventing Common Pond Problems
    Preventing Common Pond Problems The early spring is the start of your pond maintenance season. Natural and normal pond biological processes may cause your lake or pond to be undesirable for your usage. Starting in the early spring pond nutrients and muck start to feed the algae and weeds that will be a problem come August. As the sun creeps...

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