Koi & Garden Ponds

A Koi pond is a beautiful natural element to add to your landscape. Koi fish and Koi ponds are known throughout the world as symbols of serenity. These large, vibrantly colored orange, black and white fish live and thrive under many different conditions if they are properly cared for. If you are looking to attract attention to a certain area of your landscape, or you want to create a serene, meditative area to enjoy the outdoors, add a Koi pond or a garden pond. We supply a wide variety of Koi and garden pond supplies to keep your pond healthy and thriving.

One of the most essential features of a Koi or garden pond is, of course, the fish and the plants. Maintaining the right balance of plants and fish, making sure the pond is properly aerated so the fish can breathe, and protecting the fish from predators and the plants from insects is essential. Koi fish are very hardy and survive many climates and conditions, but they must have food, air and relatively cleanly water. Our equipment, additives and other organisms, like Japanese trapdoor snails, provide ongoing, sustainable food, aeration and cleanliness for Koi ponds and garden ponds. We also supply the most essential element—the Koi fish!

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