BUB12 1/2

BUB12 1/2" Bubble Tubing – 100′ Roll

Quick Sink Self Weighted Diffusers

Quick Sink Self Weighted Diffusers

BUB12P 1 /2" End plug for Bubble Tubing

Used to plug end of bubble tubing
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Bubble Tubing® is a lead free, self sinking, fine bubble diffuser tubing used for aeration in waste water, aquaculture and recreational pond aeration. Ideal for aerating long narrow bodies of water!

  • Can be installed in up to 200' lengths
  • Self sinking design makes it easy to install
  • .5" ID x .7" OD black PVC material
Due to back pressure created, use with rocking piston compressors for best results, see pages 46 and 47

Air flow per foot (in cfm):

Minimum Maximum

Aeration 0.023 0.045

Deicing 0.045 0.09

Air flow per 100' (in cfm):

Minimum Maximum

Aeration 2.25 4.5

Deicing 4.5 9.0

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