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No need to measure or read articles and blogs about weed and algae control.  Just answer a few questions about your pond or lake situation and we will quote a service plan for your specific pond or lake!

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As a full service lake and pond management company, a large portion of our commercial and private clients contact us with an existing situation or problem. Many of our clients are private homeowners whose aquatic ecosystems have become unbalanced.

We use best management techniques to identify the existing problem and target the invasive, nuisance species that need to be controlled. Algae and aquatic weeds can cause water quality issues, and in some cases can be a health hazard to pets and sometimes even humans.

Weed and algae blooms can stifle the fishery and make recreation impossible. Once the initial problem is brought under control, the focus is shifted to management and prevention of future ecological imbalance.

Our management plans will often include increasing circulation and aeration with a fountain and or a diffuser style aerator. Triploid grass carp in conjunction with nutrient/muck reducing products and pond dye can stabilize and start the process of reclaiming a struggling aquatic ecosystem.

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