Prazi-Power 100g Praziquantel Koi and Tropical Fish Fluke and Worm Treatment

Prazi Praziquantel PraziPro Koi and Tropical Fish Fluke and Worm Treatment 100g
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Smith Creek Fish Farm Sells 100% Pure Praziquantel , No Fillers, No added Medications!

Praziquantil does not stress your pond fish or damage filter biologics, excellent treatment for internal worms in goldfish and koi. One or Two treatments of Praziquantel and no water changes. Note: We suggest treating every spring to get your pond fish off to a great year and every fall before you put your fish to sleep for the winter. 10g per 1000 Gallons or 1/4 tsp per 40 gallons. Can also be mixed with food. Check out my other items!  SAFE FLUKE TREATMENT AT AN AFFORDABLE COST! Flukes are a very common cause of ulcers and open wounds for internal and external bacterial infections!  Check Out Our Website CLICK HERE

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