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Rosy Red Minnow

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The Rosy Red Minnow is a color variation of a fat head minnow. Rosy reds are easy to see because of their pale orange color. Rosy reds are useful as an indicator fish. When you start to see fewer rosy reds it is time to re-stock forage fish.  The fathead minnow is found throughout the United States. Its small size and abundant reproduction makes it an excellent forage fish. The fathead minnow will spawn throughout spring and early summer. Reproduction can be aided with the use of sunken ever-greentrees or stacked pallets. The rapid rate of reproduction of this species makes it an excellent choice for stocking where predatory fish are present. One year old fish range in size from 0.5 inch to 3 inches depending on temperature and food supply. Fathead minnows become sexually mature at 1 to 3 inches and seldom exceed 3 inches. 

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