Red spikes for bait

Live Spikes/Maggots Red

Mousies for icefishing

Live Mousies/Mousees 25 count

Wholesale Spikes 5000 Count Bag

  • 5000 Count Bulk Bag

May cause wrist fatigue from reeling in fish after fish! Please remember to stretch before use.

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Blue Bottle Fly Larva (Calliphora Vicina)

    Commonly known as Spikes or Maggots, this bait that was originally used in the Winter has found a big following in the spring and late fall. This bait is mainly used for Panfish during the ice season but is also used on bedding Panfish and even on Steelhead and Trout. This fly larva is very hardy but must be kept dark and cold at 33° to 40° to keep them from changing into flies.
    Spikes are also poplar with reptile owners and wild bird enthusiasts. A favorite food for nesting Blue Birds.
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